About Us HealthPlus Diagnostic Clinic

HealthPlus Diagnostic Clinic Inc. is one of the most reliable and trusted clinics in Manila. We specialize in providing pre-employment medical examinations for land-based and sea-based overseas Filipino Workers. Among our top clients are Filipino seafarers who rely on us for medical clearance, certifications, and health care.

Our clinic caters to dozens of international shipping firms which continue to trust us for fast and reliable evaluation of workers’ physical fitness who are lined up for deployment abroad. Our 10-year experience in the industry is a testament to the kind of healthcare service we provide. We evaluate thousands of Filipinos each year including seafarers who serve as the backbone of the global trading industry.

The clinic prides itself in knowing the client’s needs. We see to it that the expectations of our clients are met by employing the best doctors and medical professionals. That’s on top of the state-of-the-art medical equipment used by the clinic which we utilize to get fast and reliable results. HealthPlus Diagnostic Clinic Inc. has always aimed to continually improve, to redefine, evolve, and excel in medical and patient care services. Known for competence and compassion, we provide high-quality and reliable medical healthcare services at the convenience and comfort of our clients.

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Our Personnel

The clinic personnel consists of highly-trained and service-oriented medical professionals and staff, who are ably supported by known and technically-proficient medical consultants and specialists.

Our Equipment and Facilities

The clinic is equipped with reliable and advanced medical equipment and facilities for medical testing and examination, most of which are automated.

Our Mission

  • To meet the standards for quality in the conduct of pre-employment medical examinations for local and foreign workers/applicants, both land-based and sea-based, complying with DOH and international medical requirements.
  • To provide comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services that are highly reliable and world-class, yet affordable to the general public, geared towards ensuring clients’ well-being and optimizing healing.
  • To provide fast and accurate medical examinations and related health care services by employing highly-competent medical professionals and using state-of-the-art equipment.
  • To continuously improve our services and operating systems geared towards the satisfaction and delight of our clients.

Our Vision

To be a well-known provider of quality care services through its technologically advanced medical test equipment and service-oriented medical professionals and staff, committed to the utmost satisfaction and delight of its clients.