Fast and reliable healthcare services for your medical examinations
HealthPlus Diagnostic Clinic guarantees fast, accurate and reliable medical diagnostic services that are affordable. Our diagnostic examinations are handled by the most competent healthcare workers in the country using advance laboratory equipment. HPDCI also puts a premium on maintaining a safe and secure environment to all those who visit the clinic to ensure a comfortable experience for our clients.
  • Pre-employe


    There is a reason why HealthPlus Diagnostic Clinic is accredited, certified, and recognized not only in the country…
  • Dentist operating a tooth

    Dental Services (Routine and Examination)

    Assessing your dental health is important to prevent oral diseases and monitor the probability…
  • A women measuring blood pressure of an adult men

    Laboratory Services

    Laboratory services at HealthPlus Diagnostic Clinic are cost-effective and high-quality, ensuring…
  • Drug Screen Blood Sample

    Drug Testing (10 Parameters)& Alcohol Test

    The 10 parameters of HealthPlus Diagnostic Clinic’s drug testing is a popular and effective…
  • Getting digital x-ray result

    Imaging Services – Digital Chest X-Ray

    Chest X-rays are commonly a pre-employment requirement, but they also serve as an avenue…
  • Monitoring patient`s vital sign in operating room.

    Electrocardiogram (ECG) – 12 Lead, Digital

    A 12-lead digital electrocardiogram is a painless, simple, and fast procedure that evaluates…
  • Monitory a pure-tone

    Audiometry (Pure Tone /Air Conduction)

    Pure-tone or air conduction testing is a procedure that effectively measures and checks your…
  • Exercise treadmill cardio running workout at fitness gym

    Treadmill Stress Test/Exercise Tolerance Test

    Physically demanding activities cause an increased adrenaline level in the body, changing heart…
  • Preparing the pulmonary machine

    Pulmonary Function Test (Spirometry)

    The spirometry or pulmonary function test in HealthPlus Diagnostic Clinic is a common test that is…
  • Mental health counselor. Young woman during therapy session talking with a psychologist in the office.

    Psychological Examination/ Neuropsychiatric Evaluation

    A psychological examination is, unfortunately, perceived with a stigmatized view among many…
  • Pretty young women optometrist ophthalmologist optician performs a color blindness test

    Optical Services

    Our optical services are the first defenders of your eye health. Eye examination and vision testing…
  • Overhead shot of medical equipment on dark stone background

    RT-PCR Test, Rapid Antibody & Antigen Test

    RT-PCR, rapid antibody, and antigen tests are widely used methods in detecting the presence…


Below is the list of our medical equipment designed for professional healthcare applications.


  • Olympus Microscope
  • Centrifuge
  • Medical Refrigerator
  • Incubator
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Elisa Reader
  • Elisa Plate Washer
  • Laboratory Rotator
  • Urine Analyzer
  • Hematology Analyzer
  • Chemistry Analyzer
  • Xray Machine, Filmless (Elan Vita)
  • Xray Machine (Jumong General)
  • Barco Mfcd-1219TS Medical Grade Monitor
  • Ultrasound Machine
  • 2D Echo
  • Ecg Machine
  • Stress Test Machine
  • Spirometer
  • Audiometer, Amplivox 116 with Audio Cups
  • Dental Chair
  • Autoclave
  • Dental Equipment, FlashMax P3/Rc-90BC
  • Vac Station (Aerosol Machine for Dental Use)

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